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Topology meets materials


Weizmann meets Dresden

May 20-21, 2019 : IFW Dresden, Germany

The 4th joint workshop of the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids on topological states of matter.

The discovery of topological insulators has ignited intense research activity in the condensed matter physics and materials science communities. This activity resulted in proliferation of predicted topological states, with a multitude of protecting symmetries, edge structures and other striking physical properties. While many of the topological phases found realization in concrete materials allowing their experimental investigation, the search for new material discoveries is still crucially important. This workshop brings together theoretical and experimental material scientists and condensed matter physicists from the WIS, the MPI, and IFW in Dresden, to discuss topological states of matter such as topological insulators, topological superconductors, and Weyl semimetals. In recent years, the focus of the meetings has broadened to include a variety of more general subjects, such as the physics of graphene and other quantum materials. In addition, the workshop will highlight possibilities for new realizations of topological states, as well as identification of topological properties in materials exhibiting other phenomena such as superconductivity and magnetism.

  • Anton Akhmerov (TU Delft)

  • Nurit Avraham (Weizmann)

  • Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)

  • Ralph Claessen (Uni. Würzburg)

  • Jorge Facio (IFW Dresden)

  • Cosma Fulga (IFW Dresden)

  • Johannes Gooth (MPI-CPFS)

  • Elena Hassinger (MPI-CPfS)

  • Christian Heß (IFW Dresden)

  • Shahal Ilani (Weizmann)

  • Roderich Moessner (MPI-PKS)

  • Andrea Morello (UNSW, Sydney)

  • Yuval Oreg (Weizmann)

  • Stuart Parkin (MPI Halle)

  • Raquel Queiroz (Weizmann)

  • Ady Stern (Weizmann)

  • Eli Zeldov (Weizmann)


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